Food Album: April-July, 2021


April was the sprint to the end of the semester.  This involved wrapping up classes, finishing final projects, working through conference papers, and trying to stay sane.  I was also preparing for a jiu jitsu tournament in early June, so I really focused on nutrition and calories.

I also did a ton of baking!  I think I may have overdone it on the exercise, so my sweet tooth was insatiable!


Summer was finally creeping in!  The first fruits of the summer were starting to show up in the grocery stores, and the weather became deliciously warm.  Jiu jitsu training got very serious to gear up for the tournament, and it paid off!  I got a silver medal in my gi division, and though I didn’t medal in my no gi division, I had some fantastic fights.  The women I competed against were great sports as well, and I enjoyed the day!


Midsummer is usually my favorite time of the year. I did some dog sitting for a friend, and I got to enjoy some slow summer days. I even tried my hand at juicing my own oranges!

This was also my birthday month!  I got to go home around the time of my birthday.  My dad made a wonderful angel food cake, and I paired it with lemon sorbet to add a tart freshness to the dessert.  This was the first time eating my dad’s angel food cake in years!  It was perfect.

Also, my siblings and I all went to Disneyland to end the month!  I enjoyed my vacation with family, and I ate such delicious food!


This month was prep for the next semester.  There was also a virtual conference at the end of the month, so I ended the summer with quite a bit of work and research.  The weather also got unbearably hot, so I spent most of my time indoors.  July made me especially thankful for working from home.

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