Food Album: August 1-7, 2021

This week I made peach preserves!  My friend gave me a bunch of peaches from a backyard tree, and they were underwhelming in taste.  I decided to cook them down on the stove with a bit of sugar and lemon, and they are wonderful now.  As you can see, I put those preserves to good use on my morning toast with burrata and mint.  Absolutely stunning. 

I did some baking for myself and friends as well.  Brownies and tiramisu.  Both were wonderful, but the tiramisu I had to whip by hand (no stand mixer).  I probably won’t be doing that again. 

Also, I finally used the gooseberry juice that I made from the wild Sierra gooseberries I foraged with my friends!  It’s subtly sweet, and I added it to iced tea for a perfect summer beverage. 

I had some fun nights our with friends for pizza, and I had ice cream as well (I didn’t get a photo of that, unfortunately).  It was a great week.

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