Hominy Tortillas

Like nori rolls, tortillas are surprisingly easy to make.  Take the time; spend it with your family preparing this simple food.  I hope y’all have fun with this one!


  • 1 32oz. can hominy
  • Salt to taste


  1. Strain hominy and pour kernels into food processor
  2. Use food processor to grind hominy into dough consistency
    1. It should easily clump together into a ball
  3. Divide dough into golf ball-sized pieces and roll into spheres
  4. Flatten balls with tortilla press, hands, or rolling pin
    1. I used parchment paper to sandwich the dough since it will stick to the tools
  5. Cook each side until golden on stove-top
    1. A cast-iron skillet would probably work best because of its nonstick capabilities
  6. Serve with fajitas or any other filling you like
  7. Enjoy!

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